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- Calzados Sicura -


A complete line of safety shoes for multiple uses, of competitive value. Strong, safe shoes with excellent protection and durability.


This line offers unmatched electrical insulating properties which, combined with its striking color and classic design, make it an excellent choice for various activities and occupations.


A line that represents a functional safety shoe, comfortable, lightweight, and highly attractive. It ensures the professional not only protection, but also comfort in his day to day activities.


Unmatched protection, superior quality, and ergonomics, which ensure the professional maximum comfort and wellness.


Attractive casual designs with Premium materials. This line is ideal for the dynamic professional, to be used both on and off the job. Its versatile character allows you to wear a more relaxed style without losing its main attribute, safety.


A line exclusively made for low-temperature work. Made with exceptional quality materials, they guarantee maximum comfort and durability.


A new line that represents the evolution of professional footwear. With a sporty design, safety and superior comfort. It ensures the professional maximum flexibility, lightness and protection.