About Us

Calzados Sicura is the leading company in the manufacturing of industrial safety and work footwear in Venezuela.

Founded in Guatire, Venezuela, in 1992, Calzados Sicura has always opted for quality and continuous improvement in all its processes. Thanks to this, our production system is the only one in the footwear industry to have the ISO 9001:2015 certification, granted by FONDONORMA.

We are nationally recognized for offering our clients innovative solutions and products of high quality, comfort, and durability.

  • Specialists in industrial and work safety footwear
  • We have a wide range for all sectors and needs
  • We offer the possibility of personalizing the products (special sizes, logo, change of materials, among others).

The production process of Calzados Sicura is vertically integrated, and we use European technology to manufacture footwear injected with Dual Density Polyurethane, guaranteeing our users a product with better properties, greater comfort, and lighter weight.

Our desire to continuously improve drives us to review and renew our designs according to the latest trends in fashion, technology, and ergonomics, always putting first the safety and quality of our products.

In addition to designing and manufacturing our footwear, we have an internal Laboratory equipped with the latest technology and advances in the study of components, resistances and international testing, where we carry out tests on our footwear to ensure that they comply rigorously with the most demanding standards worldwide.

Calzados Sicura is a 100% Venezuelan product and is the reference safety shoe in our market.

Vision Statement

To be the leading company in the development and manufacturing of industrial safety and work footwear in the Venezuelan market, and to consolidate our company as an international brand, generating protection and innovative solutions for our clients, users and business partners.

Mission Statement

To develop, manufacture and market the highest quality industrial safety and work footwear, promoting innovation and superior customer service, to guarantee the safety and protection of people, inside or outside their workplace.

Our Quality Policy

At Calzados Sicura, we develop and manufacture industrial safety and work shoes with the highest quality standards, complying with the requirements of our clients and any applicable standards, working with a valuable team focused on continually improving our Management System.

Corporate Values

Brand Pillars

Brand Philosophy

We are always thinking of innovating for our clients

At Calzados Sicura, we are constantly innovating to find the best alternatives, technologies and properties, always aiming at the safety, satisfaction and preference of our customers.

Everything starts and ends with our customers.

In all our initiatives and at every stage, they are at the center of our decision making. We care for our customers and strive to understand their present and future needs, in order to anticipate them and offer them better solutions.


For Calzados Sicura, quality has been important since its inception. Our production system is the only one in the field endorsed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certification granted by FONDONORMA.

In 1996, the implementation of a Quality Management System began under the guidelines of the International Standard ISO 9001. It was in 2012 when we achieved the certification of compliance with the requirements of the Venezuelan Standard FONDONORMA NVF – ISO 9001: 2008 . In 2017, Calzados Sicura adapts to the updates of standards by migrating its Quality Management System to the new Venezuelan Standard FONDONORMA NVF – ISO 9001: 2015

CALZADOS SICURA, C.A. has a Quality Management System with the scope of “Manufacture of Safety and Work Footwear” under the ISO 9001: 2015 standard issued by FONDONORMA.