Safety Tips for welding

There are many dangers related to welding that may endanger the safety of any human being that works in welding. When welding is performed it produces emissions of toxic gases, noise, electric shock and sparks that can cause severe burns to skin and eyes, respiratory diseases, poisoning, hearing loss and disorders of various organs.

To avoid health damage and for the safety of workers that work on welding is recommended to follow some general precautions which decrease the probability of unexpected accidents:

  • It is recommended to weld only in wide and dry areas, without the presence of flammable substances and with good ventilation.
  • All welding workers must have prior training in the use of the equipment and its associated hazards.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher on hand as a precaution in case of emergency.
  • Always use appropriate clothing. The following precautions are recommended:
    • Avoid the use of wet or damp clothes.
    • Wear pants without folds and avoid wearing clothes or gloves that are large.
    • Always wear suitable clothing without holes and special materials to receive sparks, it is advisable to use clothes made of hide or leather and / or jean. Never use clothing made of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, which could melt on your skin.
    • Keep your pockets empty and closed.

  • it is necessary to use mandatory personal protective equipment, , such as:
    • To protect the respiratory tract, masks or special respirators must be used according to the material being welded.
    • Use welding masks and special gloves that avoid sparks, hot splashes and radiation from the rays emitted when welding.
    • Depending on the work to be carried out, hearing protectors such as a cup or cap should be used.
    • A safety footwear that is comfortable and suitable for welding work, resistant to sparks and electrical hazards.

The 6500 and 6830 models of Sicura Footwear are special for welding jobs. Both are half-round shoes made of high quality cowhide and steel toe cap that has impact resistance of 200 Joules. In addition, they are manufactured with a double density polyurethane sole that has an intermediate layer of shock absorption material, offers a high resistance to sliding and has great flexibility. They have a SicSteam® insole that offers maximum comfort, total dryness and thermoregulatory effect. Also, they are certified against electrical risk of 30 kV / DC @ 50 microAmp leakage current.