Benefits of Sicura Footwear’s Double Density Polyurethane Sole

The bi-density or double density polyurethane sole of Sicura Footwear gives the worker a light, flexible and comfortable footwear, and provides versatility for numerous industrial processes, thanks to its combination of expanded and compact polyurethane.

Sicura Footwear differentiates the double density of polyurethane with two different colors in its sole. The functions and benefits of both types of polyurethane are presented below:

Expansive Polyurethane: provides comfort and lightness, its main function is to reduce the weight of the user by absorbing the impact that occurs when walking. In the same way, it minimizes the affections or ailments that may occur when standing in prolonged times, avoiding musculoskeletal injuries.

Compact Polyurethane: provides resistance to wear and abrasion, especially in aggressive terrain such as stone, concrete and floors exposed to high temperatures. Its main function is to generate stability in the tread and has anti-slip properties. Thanks to the compact polyurethane layer, the footwear can be used on petroleum products, maintaining its physical properties and highly reducing slippage. Its properties favor the non-adherence of earth and mud. It is resistant to oil and numerous chemicals that are used in plants.

Sicura Footwear’s Double Density Polyurethane Sole


Likewise, Sicura Footwear’s double density polyurethane sole offers resistance to heat in direct contact up to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and cold to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.

Also, it offers resistance to the passage of the current generating a greater protection to the user. Sicura Footwear are designed and certified against electrical risk, supporting 20 kV / DC to 200 μA of direct current and test voltage of 14 kV for alternating current with leakage current less than or equal to 3 milli Ampere (mA). Specific models support up to 30 kV / DC to 50 μA of direct current.

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