Safety footwear and vehicle handling

Driving a vehicle is a required activity in all types of companies. In this sense, the driver must carry out a safe and efficient handling, which is in accordance with the established safety and road regulations.


Chilean Security Association indicates that the tasks carried out by vehicle drivers involve certain risks of accidents that can affect those who carry them out. The most common risks include the following:

  • Rollovers: they can be caused by inexperience of the driver, poor physical abilities to drive, bad driving habits, deterioration of the tires, roads in poor condition.
  • Crashes: they can be caused by vision worn by age, not wearing glasses to drive, having to do so, lack of concentration while driving, vehicle in poor condition, slippery floors, among others.
  • Accidents: they can be caused by inexperience of the driver, reduced concentration due to stress, bad brakes, inadequate vehicle circulation and excessive speed.
  • Entrapments: can be caused by collisions with other vehicles, driver carelessness, vehicle overturning and material falling from the shelves.
  • Falls at the same and different levels: they can be caused by slippery floors (oil spill), access to high places in the vehicle, tripping over tools and objects on the ground, and inappropriate footwear.
  • Overexertion: can be caused by prolonged driving for hours in the vehicle, forced driving posture and lifting heavy loads.

Proper safety footwear can minimize the risks associated with falls at the same and different levels, such as: slippery floors (oil spills), access to high places in the vehicle, falling of the material handled and tripping over tools and objects located in soil. However, there are several myths about the use of safety footwear by vehicle drivers.


There is a myth that safety shoes should not be used by vehicle drivers because they are too rigid. This is related to the thickness of the sole and the safety toe, which would limit the movements of the foot, reducing the response capacity of the drivers.

However, safety footwear is an essential requirement when the driver is in his daily work of loading and unloading material because they are exposed to the risks of falls at the same and different level previously mentioned.

Safety shoes are necessary to protect workers because they provide safety in their daily activities. There are safety shoes that are ergonomic, that is, they do not limit the natural movements of the foot, allowing vehicle drivers the action and precision of the pedals to obtain the expected response and comply with safety regulations.

Below are the main characteristics that a safety footwear should have for driving:

  • Flexibility: must adapt to the movements of the foot.
  • Firmness: the footwear must offer firmness in the event of an emergency braking.
  • Support: it must provide precise support around the contour of the foot, without allowing slack or squeezing it.
  • Comfort: footwear must be comfortable and versatile for the driver’s work activities.
  • Breathability: it must allow the skin to breathe and avoid excessive sweating.
  • Safety: footwear must meet the safety standards and requirements associated with the country or region where the driver is.

SICURA safety shoes are ergonomically designed and made with high-quality and durable materials. They have a double-density polyurethane sole that offers high resistance to sliding and flexibility, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of users.

The dual-density polyurethane sole of Calzados Sicura provides the worker with a light, flexible and comfortable footwear, thanks to its combination of expanded and compact polyurethane. Calzados Sicura differentiates the double density of polyurethane with two different colors on its sole. The functions and benefits of both types of polyurethane are presented below:

Expansive Polyurethane: provides comfort and lightness, its main function is to reduce the weight of the user by absorbing the impact that occurs when walking. Likewise, it minimizes conditions or ailments that could occur when standing for long periods of time, avoiding musculoskeletal injuries.

Compact Polyurethane: provides resistance to wear and abrasion, especially in aggressive terrain such as stone, concrete and floors exposed to high temperatures. Its main function is to generate stability in the tread and has anti-slip properties. Thanks to the compact polyurethane layer, the footwear can be used on petroleum derivatives while maintaining its physical properties and highly reducing slippage. Its properties favor the non-adherence of earth and mud. It is resistant to oil and numerous chemicals.

Sicura safety footwear has a steel toe cap, has an anticorrosive coating, resists impact of 200 Joules (EN 12568) and compression of 15,000 N.

Additionally, all SICURA shoes are internally lined with SicMesh, which is a functional 3D spacer lining. It is 100% breathable and has antibacterial protection, it is refreshing and has an extraordinary moisture dispersion rate according to EN ISO 20344: 2011.

SICURA safety shoes are ergonomic and safe, ideal for drivers of vehicles and machinery.

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Source: Chilean Security Association