May 17. International Recycling Day

Waste production has almost doubled in recent years, we are transforming our Planet into a huge waste bin and one way to reduce the amount of waste is recycling. May 17 celebrates the International Day of Recycling as a method of creating ecological awareness in the world population of environmental damage and ecosystems, the mismanagement of industrial and domestic wastes. Each year the popularity of this date has been taking hold, numerous organizations have created awareness campaigns and information on everything related to recycling of different types of waste.

This post has as purpose to remember the basic concepts of recycling and to show simple tips to place our grain of sand for the maintenance of the natural resources of our Planet.

The Rule of the 3R’s is a proposal popularized by the environmental organization Greenpeace, which aims to develop habits such as responsible consumption. The 3R’s are as follows:

  1. Reduce: are all those actions that help reduce the production of objects that can become waste. The reduction can be done in two levels: reduction of consumption of goods or energy.
  2. Reuse: all materials or goods can have more than one useful life, either by repairing them for the same use or with imagination for a different use. These actions allow you to reuse a product to give it a second life and minimize waste.
  3. Recycle: set of waste collection and treatment operations that allow reintroduction into a life cycle. Recycling consists of obtaining a new raw material or product, through physicochemical or mechanical processes, from products and materials that are no longer used or used. Recycling arises not only to eliminate waste, but to cope with the depletion of the planet’s natural.

If you want to do your part to save the planet you can follow these tips to reduce, reuse and recycle:

  • Do not buy disposable items such as plates, cutlery, and napkins.
  • Carry your own or organic bags when you go shopping.
  • Donate to other people clothes, furniture and toys.
  • Reuse vials, containers and boxes.
  • Buy recycled products such as bags, notebooks, among others.

Source: InfoReciclaje