Importance of using personal protective equipment (PPE’s)

Health and safety are essential to every individual. At work it is necessary, beyond the existing regulations, to educate workers and employers about the importance of using personal protective equipment to minimize risks in the activity.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) are those devices, accessories and clothing that the worker must use or wear to protect against risks. 2260-88 Standard COVENIN Venezuelan Program of Hygiene and Industrial Safety General Aspects, defines risk as: “The probability of occurrence of an accident or occupational disease.”

The use of PPE’s is an alternative in the event that you cannot completely eliminate risk in the workplace. More importantly, the EPP’s do not completely eliminate the risk or accidents that might occur, but increases the likelihood of completely or partially preventing injuries depending on their proper use and management.

The advantages of using EPP’s is to provide a barrier to certain risks, protecting workers in case of exposure to an event that can be casual, incidental or unsafe.

Organizations should consider and define the type of occupational hazard to which the personnel is exposed at and provide PPE’s to each of the individuals involved in the activities carried out in its facilities.

Also, awareness of the involved risks is important, providing explanations to workers so that they may know the importance of putting on personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and the proper use to handle them correctly.

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