Importance of safety footwear

The statistics of the International Labor Organization (ILO) indicate that 2 million 250 thousand people die per year due to work accidents, which reflects that 6 thousand workers lose their lives every day, that is, one every 15 seconds. The ILO affirms that it would be possible to prevent 80% of deaths and accidents linked to work if all companies and workers put into practice the best strategies for the prevention of accidents.

Among the most recommended strategies for the prevention of accidents are the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The PPE are all those devices, accessories and clothing that the worker must use to protect against risks.

Safety footwear must be considered as a vital element in factories, industries and hazardous work environments. Its use can prevent accidents and protect the integral health of workers. Injuries or accidents of the feet are often caused by not using the appropriate protection and can be avoided with the use of safety shoes appropriate to the risk or area involved.

The foot has 25% of the bones of the human body, a fall of something heavy, burn or cut can be very painful and result in a worker being absent from work for long periods and in the worst case scenario lose the member because of the accident.

Safety footwear can avoid or minimize the risks of the feet eliminating the possibility of crushing, punctures, cuts, sprains, falls and even fractures. It is important to provide the worker with the appropriate footwear to his work area and risk involved

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Source: International Labor Organization (ILO)