Importance of good hydration at work

Water is essential for all living beings. It is essential to regulate our body temperature and help eliminate toxins, keeping our kidneys and other organs healthy. Our body looses water every day through sweat and urine, so it is important to replace it to maintain a healthy body, therein lies the importance of good hydration.

A person should drink at least 2 liters of water a day to maintain normal body functions. If you perform exercises or physical activities, it is advisable to increase the amount taken according to the activity, otherwise the lack of hydration may cause problems such as headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration and cramps, and in extreme cases can have serious health implications.

In the workplace not hydrating properly may cause loss of concentration, and a lower yield, increasing the chances of suffering some kind of accident.

It is important to raise awareness to workers about hydration during the working day and remind them that it is recommended to consume approximately one liter of fluid for every 1000 kcal spent in the workplace. It is especially recommended that in areas where the temperature is high, the worker should drink between 0.6 and 1 liter per hour, or 250 ml every 20 minutes.

Source: puntofape