Consequences of Standing while Working

Standing for periods exceeding two hours, may cause health problems in short to medium term such as:

  • Pain on feet and legs
  • Swelling in the feet and ankles.
  • Varicose veins and circulatory problems.
  • The muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints become stiff and stiffness leads to different conditions, including arthritis and possible muscle injury.
  • Back pain and neck problems.
  • Severe knee soreness or pain.

To reduce the above mentioned conditions it is advisable to change positions and taking breaks every half hour from 5 to 10 minutes either walking or sitting, have a qualified workstation for the workers, where he/she can adopt a balanced position without unnecessary strain of the body and the use of comfortable shoes that do not change the shape of the foot in standing position.

SICURA Footwear knows the consequences and conditions that may cause standing work for long periods of time, so we offer you anti-fatigue shoes. All our safety shoes have a double density polyurethane sole, which provides flexibility and protection. Its intermediate layer offers shock absorption and dampens the tread.

In addition, all our models have the SicTex ergonomic over-insole, which is an extremely strong, thin and flexible breathable and waterproof membrane. This flexible template eliminates stress and negative impacts on the foot and spine, allowing pain prevention and improving work efficiency.

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