Benefits of working as a team

In previous publications, we mentioned some recommendations to form a successful work team, however, we do not list the advantages or benefits that are obtained through work synergies.

When working in a team effectively synergy appears, which is nothing more than joint efforts made by its members, decreasing the time of action and increasing efficiency Synergy is the result of good communication, coordination, complementarity, trust and commitment.

Here are some benefits of teamwork:

  1. It encourages creativity and learning: Creativity increases when people work together as a team, because they generate brain clusters from different points of view from all members, generating more effective solutions to problems. In addition, teamwork helps to share knowledge and stimulates individual learning.
  2. Improve performance through the blend of complementary strengths: each team member has certain skills, skills and knowledge, which are complementary or similar to that of other co-workers. Identifying the competencies of each member can organize individual tasks and actions and common, generating a better overall performance.
  3. Increase efficiency and productivity: in the previous point it was determined that each member possesses specialty which can be enhanced with the collaboration of the team, in this way increases efficiency and productivity.
  4. Increases camaraderie and reduces stress: increasing the individual workload can lead to increased stress. Teamwork allows activities and tasks to be shared, reducing stress. Likewise, having a common goal promotes loyalty and commitment to the work done, creating links that go beyond the work. The camaraderie encourages mutual respect and makes the working day more enjoyable.

Source: Psychology and Mind